I want to reactivate my Cineville membership

My subscription ended less than 6 months (180 days) ago
Has it not been 180 days since your Cineville ended, and do you want to start using your card again? You can easily reactivate your membership through your Mijn Cineville. Log in to your account, navigate to the 'Mijn Cinevillepas' tab (top right). Wait a few seconds, then click on 'Beheer je lidmaatschap'. Here you'll find your your active membership: your email, address, bank details, and card number.

Click on the pink button that says 'Heractiveren'. 

Then select whether you still have your card ('Nee,...'), or whether you need a new one sent to your address ('Ja, ik heb mijn oude pas niet meer')

You will then need to choose your bank and make a payment for the remaining days of the month in order to reactivate your subscription. The website will redirect you to your online bank account.

Help! It's not working!
Don't have a Cineville account yet? You can create one here.

Can't see the 'Beheer je lidmaatschap' button? Your Cineville card is probably not connected to your Cineville account. On the Mijn Cinevillepas page you can connect your card to your online account.

My subscription ended more than 6 months ago
If it's been more than 180 days since your Cineville ended, your data has been removed due to the Privacy law (have a look at our Privacy Statement). If you wish to become a Cineville member again, you can get a new membership here.