How do I temporarily stop my membership?

We don't have a specific 'pause' option. However, the cancellation of your membership can be permanent as well as temporary, since you can always reactivate your terminated membership. You can cancel your Cineville card in the regular way via Mijn Cineville. 

To cancel your membership, log in to your MijnCineville account via the website (not possible in the app) navigate to the ' Mijn Cinevillepas' tab (top right). Wait a few seconds, then click on 'Beheer je lidmaatschap'. Here you'll find your your active membership (email, address, bank details, and Cineville card number).

Next to your card number, click on 'opzeggen'

You can now select an end date for your card. Your card will aways expire on the last day of the month. After you've selected your end date, click 'verder'. You will now be asked to confirm your cancellation, click the red button that says 'Ja, ik zeg op' ('Yes, I want to cancel'). This confirms your cancellation. All set!

You can also cancel via email. Contact us at We'll process your cancellation within 24 hours.

Note: you will always receive a confirmation of your cancellation with the end date of your membership. Did you not receive a confirmation? Then your cancellation may not have been successful. Send an email to

You can then reactivate your membership within 6 months. This is why your discontinuation can also be viewed as a temporary interruption. Reactivation is free of charge and can be done via your Mijn Cineville account. Click here to learn how to reactivate your account. You always renew the membership for a minimum of four full calendar months.

Help! It does not work!
Does the 'Beheer je lidmaatschap' button not take you to the overview page of your membership, but to the Mijn Profiel page? Then your (current, active) Cineville card is probably not linked to your account. Find out how to link your card to your Cineville account here.