How do I create an online account?

It's very easy to create an online account, but it's good to know you will not automatically have a Mijn Cineville account when you order a Cineville card. To do this, you must first register and create an account.

When creating a Mijn Cineville account, you can choose to link your card directly to your account by checking the box 'Koppel mijn Cinevillepas'. The direct linking of your Cineville card is only possible if you create an account with the e-mail address that your card is also registered in. Do you get the message that there is no Cineville card with your email address? Then your email address does not match the email address in our system. Don't worry, you can also link to your card later.
If you already have a Mijn Cineville account, you can link your card by logging in and entering your card number and date of birth on the ' Mijn Cinevillepas' tab.