Can I reserve tickets online?

Making a reservation via the Cineville Film agenda
Most theaters allow you to book a seat beforehand. If you select a viewing in our agenda en then click on 'Ticketinfo' on the right, you'll see how to make a reservation for that specific viewing. You can also find this information on the theater's website.

Online reservations
For almost all theaters you can make online reservations. You can recognize these theaters by the 'Direct Reserveren' button in the agenda. You'll the navigate straight to the reservation section on the theater's website. When selecting your type of ticket, choose 'Cineville' and verify by entering your Cineville card number (always make sure you enter your card number in the right field). You are now guaranteed a ticket. 

Picking up your reserved tickets
Important: in order to watch your film of choice, you always need to collect your Cineville ticket first. Every theater decides their own pick up time: this can differ from 90 minutes, to 15 or 5 minutes before the film starts. Always check the confirmation email to verify the pick up time for your theater.

If you do not collect your ticket in time, you reservation will be automatically cancelled and your seat will be made available for someone else.

Maximum number of reservations
As a Cineville member you can have up to 15 active reservations at a given time. If you reach your limit, you can collect a reserved ticket or cancel a reservation to make room for a new one. 

When making a reservation our system will check if your Cineville card is valid, and if you don't already have a reservation around the same time. In case of the latter, you'll have to remove the conflicting reservation first before making a new one. 

Cancelling your reservation
If you're unable to collect your reservation, we kindly ask you to cancel as soon as possible. Cancelling in time helps the theater to give your seat to another visitor. If you fail to collect your reservation without having cancelled, you might lose your right to make any future reservations. In this case, you will first receive a warning via email.

You can cancel via the link in the confirmation email you received from the film theater. If you didn't receive such an email, please contact the theater to still cancel your reservation. Unfortunately, Cineville is not able to cancel any reservations for you.

Can I make reservations for other Cineville members?
Yes, you can make reservations for multiple card holders at once. You will need their card numbers. You can also add reservations for non-Cineville members, for which you'll complete the reservation with an iDeal payment.

Reservations overview
On you'll find an overview of your reservations under the 'Reserveringen' tab (blue icon, top right). This overview might be incomplete, because some theaters are not yet linked to our system. More theaters will be added in the near future, resulting in a more complete overview of your reservations.