What is 'Mijn Cineville'?

Mijn Cineville is your personal online Cineville account. When you link your Mijn Cineville account to your Cineville card you get these options:

Create a watchlist 
You can add films you'd like to watch to your personal watchlist. If a film from your watchlist is released in theaters (or leaving theaters) you'll receive a notification. You can add a film to your watchlist by clicking 'wil ik zien' on the film's page. 

View reservations
The 'Reserveringen' page shows you for which screenings you've reserved a ticket, the deadline for collecting your ticket(s), and how to cancel your reservation in case you're unable to attend.

View visit history
Every screening you visit with your Cineville card is automatically added to your visit history. You can also add screenings yourself by clicking the 'heb ik gezien' button on a film's page.

Manage your subscription
The 'Mijn Cinevillepas' page gives you all the information about your subscription. You can view and download your invoices, for example, or click on 'Beheer je lidmaatschap' to view and update your personal data (such as your email address, payment details and membership status). 

How do I create an online account?

How do I link my card to my Cineville account?