How does the Cineville card work?

With the Cineville card you have unlimited acces to films in over 55 film theaters throughout the Netherlands for a set price per month. Under 30? Then you pay €18,50 a month. Over 30? Unlimited film fun for €22,50 a month. 

You order your Cineville card via and pay immediately for the first period using iDeal. After that, payments are done via monthly direct debits, i.e. each month we automatically withdraw the membership fee from your account. Your membership is always valid for an indefinite period of time with a minimum of four full calendar months. After your order you will immediately receive a Temporary Card to use until your real, physical card has arrived.
Going to see a film? Always scan your card!
In our agenda you can see what films are screening. You can filter by city or your favourite film theater(s) or filter for films with English subtitles for example. Are you going to see a film? Always have your Cineville card scanned at the film theater before your visit, even if you have already reserved a ticket online. If your card has not been scanned, your visit will not be registered and the theater will lose revenue. Depending on the film theater you visit, you can have your card scanned at the ticket counter, at a Cineville ticket booth or by the cinema doors.
Creating an online My Cineville account is optional. You can create an account via our website, read what you can see and do in your account on  Wat is Mijn Cineville?